It's not exactly schadenfreude to take some pleasure in the fact that Justin Bieber was shut out of the BET Hip-Hop Awards this week, is it? Maybe just the effects of repressed jealousy? To refresh your memory, DJ Premier told Hot 97 this week that Justin Bieber was eager to join in the award show cyphers, but was ultimately rejected after allegedly wanting Ludacris to write his rap. While Premier applauded The Bieb for his diverse musical taste and interest in the show, his whole conversation with the radio station was filled with multiple uses of "honey" that made Bieb look a brace-faced band geek ostracized from the cool kids' table. Sure, the story made for a few laughs, in a look-at-the-kid-who-thinks-he-can-actually-hang-with-us-just-because-he-has-14-million-Twitter-followers sort of way—not that hip-hop artists scoff at Twitter followers—but now, Bieber's friend Ludacris is coming to his defense, tweeting:

So maybe The Bieb can do it all? We did we ever doubt him? It's interesting that Luda took the time to deny these accusations, what with the busy schedule of promoting 2011 Oscar un-hopeful New Year's Eve. We're not sure who to believe here, but if Luda's right and Premo just wanted some attention, he should know there's still two months left to drop his own Christmas single. Or he could always start a Twitter feud, just to be sure all kinds of music fans are represented this week. His account has been dormant since September 26, and there's no time like the present to come back, plus anything Bieber-related will instantly get him new followers. Win-win.