Some people like animal videos, some like beauty tutorials, and other's like acoustic covers of trap songs. I love YouTube for the moments that can't be contrived. The rare gems of unbridled creativity, rough editing, and creative storylines take about an hour a week away from me. Even better if it involves accents or children.

With the Lyners, I got both. In Ninja Attack, Part One (yep, there's more because kids these days have the ambition of about 5 Diddy's), a young boy is having lunch with his father when an arrow ( a nerf arrow– guys, I'm dying with nostalgia) hits the window. No worries, Tristan and his father handle the attack, complete with armories, a Boss Fight, and killer fight music for anyone who played a video game before 1996.

Tristan wants to be a YouTube star, a DJ, and probably 100 other things before it's all said and done, but the first one we can help him accomplish. Watch his video and leave a like or a comment for him to read. I wouldn't be surprised if we see him on a silver screen soon.

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