Mad Men— Guess Who's Going To Die?!

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Next Sunday is the final episode EVER of Mad Men, and as with so many characters it was probable that the writers were going to make sure that someone died at the end of all this. But Betty?!?

That's right folks. Betty Draper Francis has lung cancer and only about 9 months to live. She fell on the stairs on her way to class at the college and she broke her rib. When she went to the hospital to get an x-ray, they saw that something was seriously wrong but they wouldn't tell her what it was unless her husband was present. Welcome to the early 70's.

Her reaction to the death sentence is bizarre. She doesn't really freak out and she basically refuses all treatment, which sends her husband Henry into a tailspin. He goes to against her wishes and tells Sally that her mother has cancer in the hopes that Sally can convince her to get help. That plan backfires big time. Not only is Betty pissed that Sally knows, but she gave her a letter with explicit instructions for funeral arrangements after she dies. Happy Mother's Day!

Don is still on his random road trip across the United States for no reason at all other than he's going through another midlife crisis. His car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, so he's forced to stay at a motel in the nearest town until it's fixed. There he makes friends with the sweet motel owner and his wife, as well as a smart ass bell boy who wrangles him a bottle of whiskey and is now his best friend.

He gets invited to the local American legion by the motel owner to drink and swap old war stories. When he gets there, he's told that they're having a fundraiser for a guy who's kitchen burned down in fire, so Don donates $40. Big money to those guys!

When the night is over he goes back to the hotel, but is waken by threes guys from the legion demanding to know where the money is that he stole from the fundraiser. Clearly they have no idea that he's a fucking millionaire and would never steal a coffee can with a couple hundred bucks in it. They rough him up a bit and take his car keys until he returns the money.

They next morning, he has a pretty good idea of where the money is. That punk ass bell boy was bussing tables at the Legion, and he had to have taken it. When the kid brings a new bottle of booze to his room, Don confronts him and he confesses to the whole mess. Don takes the money from him, returns it to the hotel owner, and gets his keys back. He agrees to drop the kid off at the nearest bus stop on his way out of town. Instead when they get to the stop, Don tosses the car keys to the kid, tells him where the pink slip is and gets out of the car to wait for the bus himself! WHAT IS THIS IDIOT DOING?!?

No idea whatsoever how they're going to wrap this entire series up in one more episode, especially after tonight. But we sure can't wait to find out!

Tune into AMC Sundays at 10/9c to catch all new episodes of the final season—and keep coming back to Popdust each week for recaps of the latest episode and all new Mad Men photos.

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