Mad Men Recap—Advertising Heaven Or Hell On Earth?

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With the Mad Men series finale only 2 episodes away, things are really shaking up at SC&P leaving the show’s main characters uncertain of the future and their role in it.

When what Roger thought was a “clerical error” turned out to be a very deliberate cancelation of SC&P’s lease at the Time-Life building, the crew was informed by McCann Erickson that they’d be moving over to their offices. This is not good news. Everyone knows this is just McCann’s way of swallowing them up and dismantling the company, all the while making it seem like the greatest opportunity in the world—but all the partners know better.

Don isn’t going to take this lying down, and immediately starts to strategize about ways to keep the agency together. He comes up with a brilliant plan that McCann could not possible pass up.

SC&P and McCann have come competing clients so instead of losing several of them, Don suggests that they keep the California branch of SC&P open to service those clients and keep their autonomy. Everyone is on board to move to California and start over, but McCann Erickson’s like, “Yeah right.” The entire plan get squashed before Don can even pith the entire idea.

According to Hobart at McCann, “You’re dying and going to advertising heaven.” Well, he got the first part right.

The women on the show are having a hard time with the idea of working exclusively for McCann. Joan knows that even though she’s a partner at SC&P, McCann isn’t going to take her seriously. And when Peggy learns about the move, she doesn’t even want to go. She’s certain she won’t get the same opportunity at McCann and she immediately meets with some guy who call himself a career builder to figure out her options. But he actually tells her that the best move she could possible make is to go to McCann and show them what she can do. Not really what she wanted to hear, dude.

So much going on, so many ways this could end. The amazing writers of Mad Men are really leaving everyone’s fates up in the air. Where the hell is Diana the waitress? And how are they going to wrap up Betty’s storyline in 2 episodes?!

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