Now things are starting to get exciting again on Mad Men. After a somewhat lackadaisical mid season premiere, things started picking up steam this week in some very interesting ways.

So Megan is coming to New York to get the rest of her things from Don’s apartment and finalize the divorce. And the divorce can’t come soon enough for Don who is having a pretty hot and heavy affair with that waitress, Diana (Elizabeth Reaser). She spends a couple nights with him and as it turns out, she has quite a complicated past. She’s divorced too with one daughter who passed away and another who’s living in Wisconsin with her father, so of course Don wants to fix her.

Megan shows up to the apartment with her mother Marie (Julia Ormond) and a moving crew to take her things, but when she leaves to go to a meeting Marie has the men load up Don’s ENTIRE apartment. Literally everything. She runs into a problem when the moving guys ask for more money than Megan left her with, so she calls her former lover Roger Sterling and tells him to get his ass over there with $200.

Roger gladly plays the roll of Marie’s night in shining armor, and as a thank you she screws him in Don’s empty apartment. This affair has been on and off for a few seasons now, and these two might just end up together when the series wraps up.

Megan meets with Don intending to have it out big time over alimony, but instead Don hands her a check for $1 million and wishes her the best. Doesn't he know she’s just going to spend it on hair pieces and half a dress!!!

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