Mad Men Recap—Joan Just Slammed Her Head Against The Glass Ceiling

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As the Mad Men series finale draws nearer and nearer, all the professional and personal changes happening to everyone on the show are proving to be too much to handle. It’s heartbreaking but it’s amazing television.

Everyone’s getting settled in at McCann Erickson, and on the outside it seems like Don is in his element. He’s the golden boy again, “the white whale,” and the big guns at McCann all but offer to suck his dick to make him feel at home there.

So work looks like it’s going to be pretty awesome for him, but he can’t seem to get Diana the waitress out of his mind. She’s nowhere to be found in New York, so he drive to her ex husband’s house somewhere in the Midwest. When his new wife answers the door, Don pretends Diana won a contest and tries to get the new wife to tell him where he can find Diana. New wife is clueless, but when the ex husband comes home he knows immediately that Don must be one of Diana’s lovers and tells him to get the hell out of his house. Outside he tells Don that Diana is a fucking tornado leaving nothing but damage in her wake. Duh.

Don starts driving aimlessly and picks up a hitchhiker who’s heading to St. Paul, Minnesota. “Yeah, I can go that way,” he says. And off he drives. What the hell, dude?

Joan’s life sucks big time at McCann. They partner her with some male chauvinist douchebag who royally screws up a, important phone call because he didn’t read Joan’s briefs about the clients. Really? You invite a paraplegic to go golfing with you? Smooth. When Joan tells her new boss that she’s like to be paired with someone else, he basically tells her that she needs to calm the hell down. Apparently it’s hard for a man with a wife and kids to take pointers from a woman.

Later, the she has a conversation with the big boss at McCann and since she’s being so “difficult” he offers to buy her out of her $500K contract…for $.50 on the dollar. She tells him to shove that offer up his wrinkly ass and he tells her to shut up and act like a lady at work or else she’ll be hearing from McCann’s lawyer.

That’s music to Joan’s ears. She would loooove to talk to a lawyer…maybe one at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. She tells him that she’d make McCann front page news and get a march and protest together so fast it would make their heads spin. Later Roger the Pussy (as he shall now be referred to) goes to her and tells her that as much as he loves he can’t help her now at McCann, and she should take the deal for half her money and get out of that agency. Shockingly, she accepts. Anyone else feel like there’s till going to be a braless march or something?!

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