The title of this week’s Mad Men episode, “The Forecast,” couldn’t be more perfect—it’s literally setting up the storylines for a lot of the main characters for the rest of the series, and things are looking kind of bleak.

Don’s life just isn’t what it used to be. In fact, that’s a bit of an understatement. He’s decides to sell his penthouse apartment, but the real estate agent has a hard time with it considering the fact that it looks sad and lonely with zero furniture in it. Nice going, Marie and Megan. She eventually does sell it though, and rather than be excited about finding a new place for himself, Don is left standing outside his own apartment door looking lost.

Joan heads to California to help Lou with some bisiness at the West Coast office, and there she meets an adventurous millionaire named Richard. He sweeps her off her feet and they begin having an affair, but Richard slams on the brakes when he learns that Joan has a 4 year old son. Apparent;y that means that Joan can’t just pick up and go see the pyramids in Egypt whenever his heart desires. She peaces out, but he chases her all the way back to New York with his tail between his legs because he clearly wants to be with her no matter what.

Sally Draper is one smart teenager. She pretty much summed up both her parents in a single sentence at the end of this episode, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Sally’s old pal Glen makes a housecall this episode. He’s all grown up, and one person who noticed was Betty Draper. She didn’t even try to act like she wasn’t hot for this 18 year old kid, and Sally definitely noticed. Glen announces that he joined the army and is being shipped out to Vietnam. Sally is pissed that he would abandon his morals to go fight in a bullshit war and she storms off. Later in the kitchen, Glen tries to get a sympathy kiss from Betty, who shockingly turns him down. Not because he’s a teenager, but because she’s married. What a class act.

At the end of the episode before Sally get on a bus to go on a class trip, she has a few choice words for her father.

“You can’t control yourself can you? Sarah’s [her friend] 17 you know. But it doesn’t stop you. And it doesn’t stop Mom. Anyone pays attention to either of you, and they always do, you just ooze everywhere. I want to get on a bus and get away from you and mom and hopefully be a different person than you two.”

Fly, little bird!

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