And just like that, it's over! After seven seasons we to say goodbye to Mad Men, the show that brought 50's glamour and style back to television.

Let's start with Joan. We find her on vacay with her new love Richard, and naturally they're doing coke together in Key you do. When they get back to New York, Joan meets with Peggy about some new project that she wants to work with her on for Dow. That "project" turns into the beginnings of an entire business for Joan, which sends Richard packing because the last thing he wants is a career woman. Please, like Joan gives a shit?! She owns her own business!

Peggy is stuck in a miserable existence at McCann, but all that misery seems to go away when Stan confesses his love for her. YAY! She tells him she loves him too, they kiss, and all their problems seems to melt away because they have each other. If only life were as easy as scripted television.

Roger is still in love with Megan's mom Marie. In fact, Marie moves to New York from Canada and she and over are speaking French and getting married. Definitely DID NOT think this fling was going to last, let alone turn into a marriage. C'est la vie!

And finally Don. Don, Don, Don...seriously, what the fuck? While still doing the wanderer thing across the US, he makes a call to Sally at her school and finds out that Betty is dying from lung cancer. He calls Betty and immediately wants to come home and help take care of her, but that's the last thing she wants.

“I want to keep things as normal as possible, and you not being here is part of that," she tells him. Ouch.

Don leaves his random hotel and ends up in Los Angeles to see Stephanie, Anna Draper's niece. We saw her for a bit at the beginning of the season, but didn't expect that she would end up being a pivotal part of the series finale! Random.

Anyway, he accompanies her to some hippie retreat up the coast. Everything is going fine, but after a rough group therapy session in which some stranger tells her she's a shitty mother, Stephanie takes off with the car leaving Don there chanting his Om's.

He calls Peggy who tells him to get his ass back to New York and back to work where he can help with the Coca-Cola account. He gives her some sappy story about not being the man she thinks he is, blah, blah, blah. He finishes out the retreat with some deep meditation, and as the camera zooms in on him the real 1971 Coke commercial with all the hippies singing "I'd like to buy the world a Coke" comes on the screen. So it seems Don DID eventually go back to New York and he used his California retreat experience to inspire one of the most memorable commercials in history. Very clever, writers. Props.

Oh and in the final scene, Betty is sitting at the kitchen table smoking a cigarette. Because quitting is for quitters, and Betty Draper is no quitter.

Well that's it! That's how we said goodbye to some of the most amazing characters ever written for TV. Thanks for the ride Mad was awesome.

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