Seoul-Based DJ Madison Park Comforts Us in New "Hindsight" Music Video

South Korean DJ takes fans on a tour though NYC and their emotions in debut music video.

Seoul based DJ, Madison Park, takes fans to the New York cityscape in the newly released music video for her visceral and emotionally resonating track, "Hindsight."

The clip begins underground in the dingy subway as we are introduced to our main and unknown protagonist, portrayed by model and Park's good friend, Zino Haro. Viewers follow him on to the subway and into the city as the beats make a subtle entrance, followed by the smooth R&B vocals, provided by guest vocalist fiction.

"I chose NYC because I thought [to capture] the city's diverse vibes that different locations emanate would help a lot with the video concept that I came up with," says Park. "I sent him (Zino) the lyrics and asked if he would be down to join the video. He said the lyrics of Hindsight was basically telling his own story, so both of us just knew he was the right fit for the video."

The Samuel Heuberger Reichart directed video continues to follow Haro on his journey throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. According to Park, she and Reichart "spoke a very similar 'creative language' when brainstorming," which resulted in making this video the dynamic and engaging work of art that it is. The clip gives us glimpses into the notebook that Haro is carrying with him, and is revealed to be the lyrics of the track itself being written, scratched out, and reworked, as any artist would do when in the throes of the creative process.

"I wanted to show one's stream of consciousness in the situation that's depicted in the lyrics," says Park. "I didn't want to include parts where the vocalist lip-syncs to the song because I wanted to focus more on showing how the narrator feels and acts in that situation." She goes on to express that the lip syncing moments seemed to cut the flow of emotion of the narrator, so instead, she came up with the idea of focusing only on the lead actor's emotion throughout the video and including a part that directly shows a small part of the lyrics.

At the video's climax, the music swells into orchestral builds and breaks into melodic, cinematic drops, grabbing our attention and carrying us forward through the song as we look at the night sky in downtown Manhattan with Haro. Every progression is carefully cultivated and extremely emotive, allowing listeners to submerge themselves into a sonic wave of bliss. The feelings resonated in the track seem to remind us that for at least the 4 minutes that the song is playing, we will be just fine.

Madison Park - Hindsight (Official Music Video)

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