Madonna Gets Old-School Chic in "Turn Up the Radio" Video

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Madonna's never struck us as the French ingénue type, but she's definitely taken a page from a certain Sixties-era sex symbol in her new video for "Turn Up the Radio," the third single off MDNA. From the neck up, she's pure Brigitte Bardot, channeling the iconic Parisian with teased blonde hair held back by a wide black headband and lots of winged black eyeliner.


Aside from a pair of cat-eye sunglasses, the rest of Madonna's outfit is less old-school glamour, more all-out sex appeal. For a day of driving around the Florence countryside, picking up gas station attendants and hitchhikers, she's picked a particularly uncomfortable-looking getup (though Madonna's idea of travel wear is likely a lot different than the average joe's). It's head-to-toe black, and features a cropped patent jacket, high-waisted leather shorts, fingerless gloves, fishnet stockings and—in a touch that's pure Madonna—a lacy exposed bra.

The video was directed by long-time collaborator Tom Munro and most likely styled by Arianne Phillips, Madonna's costume designer of the past 15 years. In it there's not one wrinkle to be seen on the singer's face, nor one bulging vein to be spotted on her neck or forearms—thanks to some sort of cinematographic witchery, we assume. Regardless, she's never looked better.

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