Madonna Is Any Football Team's Secret Weapon In "Give Me All Your Luvin'"

The honor of performing at the Super Bowl halftime show seems to have had a great effect of Madonna, as she's transformed her sunny "Give Me All Your Luvin'" clip into an homage to burly, dedicated athletes and the faceless females who root for them. Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. act as head cheerleaders, leading their anonymous teammates in the "L-U-V Madonna!" chant that lures her Madgesty—and baby carriage–out of her home and into the streets. Whether it's the fact she forgot her pants on her leisurely walk through the neighborhood, or has seven Grammys to her name, football players jump out of the bushes to carry her on her journey, shielding her from flying sparks, splitting cabs with their bare hands and laying down a red carpet of letterman jackets that even Tom Haverford would approve of. With that kind of personal security detail, of course she'd opt to bypass any annoying club line by crowd-surfing her way inside. And while she's at it, she'll mock breastfeed a baby doll on the street—because that's how Brahim Zaibat likes to play.

Each featured performer delivers her lines as you might expect: Nicki employs heavy physical accessories, bending and stretching facial muscles while leaving her derriere available for momentary gawking; M.I.A. slouches back in a chair to rattle off what's on her mind, seemingly so relaxed you'd dare not to interrupt her. Madonna, meanwhile, emanates a timeless cool, dancing around the younger stars she's roped in to feel relevant, who are decked in similar "Like a Virgin"-esque white dresses. But she looks most at ease dancing against a brick wall, shaking her hips and flaunting the body that has defied all normal rules of aging. We'd like to see a Super Bowl-specific remix made in conjunction with whichever team wins come Sunday. Tom Brady sucking on Madonna's teet? Eli Manning in a cheer uniform? The possibilities are endless.


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