Far from the first person to come in close contact with Madonna's lips, Nicki Minaj still freaked out like a sexually confused fangirl in her childhood bedroom during the video shoot for "Give Me All Your Luvin'" back in December. After her extensive tweeting about the encounter, and M.I.A.'s own tweet-sersions that a "3sum" had gone down on set, visual proof has finally surfaced. It's not all about sexytimes, though, at least right away. Madge first tapped into her maternal ways, presenting her guest performer with cupcakes for her birthday, inviting the cast and crew to stand around in costume—M.I.A. still looks totally jarring as a blond—and celebrate. While it's likely Lil Wayne has thrown her a birthday party or two before, Nicki either still can't believe she's in a Madonna video, or is simply shocked at the idea that Madge get that close to carbohydrates. The serenade soon ends with the teeniest, lightest peck on the lips. And after Madge went in for the kill, the sky did not fall, the Earth still rotating on its axis as usual.

Eventful, yes, but Nicki needn't feel too special after all this. Madonna did share a glass of champagne with M.I.A., making it clear that there's nothing like a little backwash between music video costars. (Until you flip millions of viewers the bird. ) Whether or not Madge's kiss will have the same effect on Nicki as it did Britney Spears has yet to be seen. Watch the momentous occasion in Ms. Minaj's life, below.