Madonna, Michael Jackson, and the Most Common Cosmetic Surgery Mistakes

Cosmetic surgery has become the celebrity’s best friend. But too much surgery or the wrong procedure can really hurt a career. Over the past 20 years in practice, I have dealt with celebrities and their cosmetic surgery adventures. I have turned away some, who I knew would be problematic because of unrealistic expectations, and operated on others who are quite satisfied. Here are the five most common mistakes celebrities make regarding their cosmetic surgery.

1. Enormous implants

The most attractive enhanced breasts are the ones that look natural and soft, rather than so large, they arrive in a room before the celebrity herself! Statistically, very large implants have a higher complication rate, including instances of “bottoming out” to a lower, unnatural position over time because of the extra weight of the implants and abnormal stretching of the skin. (Examples: Dolly Parton, Pamela Sue Anderson.)

2. Overdone nosejobs

I once had a celebrity ask me for the director Ken Burn’s nose. I told him that it was impossible because Ken was still using his. Requests like this are quite common, but unrealistic, because each of us are born with a certain anatomy of the nose, and there is only so much that even the most talented plastic surgeon can do. Pushing your surgeon to do more or too much can create an unnatural result that looks bizarre. (Examples: Michael Jackson, LaToya Jackson.)

3. Too many procedures at once

One of the biggest mistakes celebrities make is allowing their plastic surgeon to talk them into getting numerous procedures at once. Small, subtle improvements or alterations keep the public guessing, and insure a more natural transformation. (Example: Heidi Montag, Cher.)

4. Too-tight facelift

The tell-tale sign of a bad facelift: Too-tight skin that causes bizarre facial expressions. Often it's the result of numerous or very aggressive facelifts. (Examples: Joe Pesci, Mickey Rourke.)

5. Filling up on fillers

Facial fillers are an excellent way to battle Father Time. The problem is when too many fillers are used in the face, normal features become blurred and distorted. The term “Trout Pout” comes from absurdly over-augmented lips. Celebrities crave smooth skin, and believe the more filler the better. Unfortunately, the enemy of better! (Example: Lisa Rinna, Madonna.)

Robert M. Tornambe, M.D. has lectured in the United States and Europe and is considered an expert in cosmetic facial and breast surgery.

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