Nothing is left to be a surprise these days, is it? Forget the prop bets in your Super Bowl pool—we already know what songs Madonna's going to play at her Super Bowl halftime set. Fan site Madonarama (and they are a devout bunch, aren't they?) played spoiler earlier today, revealing the five-song set Madge has been rehearsing before playing for the world's largest TV audience. They are as follows:

Gimme All Your Lovin (with Guests)

Ray of Light




Not necessarily in that order, and not absolutely those five songs—Madonarama merely says they are "currently being considered," though they seem fairly confident they will ultimately be the songs played.

If so, not bad—we certainly know and like all five of those songs, more than many other songs by Madonna and by other artists who are not Madonna. Still, we know she could've done better—I mean, did she not even see the perfectly reasonable 15-minute performance block we scripted for her Super Bowl show a few months back? No "Express Yourself"? No "Holiday" / "Like a Virgin" mashup? No making out with Britney Spears? Whatta waste.

Also, Popdust #100 song of the year "Gimme With Your Lovin" is now spelled "Gimme All Your Luvin." Good to know.