We're in full gear now--Madonna track and Popdust top-100 pick "Gimme All Your Luvin'" will reportedly hit radio next month, and her album will drop shortly after. And that album now has a name: M.D.N.A. You know, like Madonna with half the letters dotted out. There's no explanation--a one-sentence Facebook announcement doesn't qualify--so we took the liberty of speculating about a few:

M.I.A. rubbed off on her: The outre singer/rapper/songwriter gave her 2010 album the copy-and-paste-required treatment: /\/\ /\ Y /\. (Most people just called it Maya, for obvious reasons.) Maya's on Madonna's first single, and they've actually hung out, so the opportunity was there. If so, it'd be awesome if Madonna took sonic inspiration too, wouldn't it?

To enforce her own nickname: Being routinely called Madge by news outlets who don't want to type the same proper name over and over must get tiring. It worked for Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez, after all.

She's going to claim it's an acronym in a few weeks: The "M" will probably stand for Madonna, and the "D" could be "doesn't," or maybe another verb. It can't be any more nonsensical than Chris Martin's "xylo toes" explanation.

To make people mix it up with "MDMA": The stealth-edgy route; everyone's started mixing the title up for that anyway. This would rank somewhere in the bottom of Madonna controversies, right around acting out in Catholic elementary and "Get Into the Groove," but it's not entirely implausible. Just mostly.

She's Madonna, and she can: Essentially.