The very simple moral code of Madonna's "Turn Up the Radio" video: Paparazzi = Bad, Driving Around With Lots of Cool People and Singing Along to the Radio Without Wearing Seat Belts = Good. Hard to really argue with—Madge certainly seems to be enjoying herself as she picks up street dancers, hot gas station attendants and well-dressed hitchhikers to her Party in the Backseat, and the rest of Florence, Italy appears enamored enough with her joyride that they're willing to chase after her in the streets. The cops might not be so amused, though they'd probably just end up made out with and invited along anyway.

You gotta feel a little bit bad for Madonna's poor chauffeur, though. Dude just wants to do his job, and he has to but up with all kind of tomfoolery from Madonna and her rowdy gang of misfits, until eventually he abandons his driver's seat post entirely, pantsed and humiliated. Not cool, M Dot.