Madonna's "Girl Gone Wild" reminds the viewer of black-and-white it's-not-porn-it's-art!more than it reminds her of Joe Francis. This means that Madonna has probably recorded the best possible video for this somewhat unfortunate song, despite (or because of) the fact that it's, by proportion, 75% shirtless guys.

This is one of those videos where if you've seen the teaser you can predict the rext exactly. No color. Plenty of aesthetics and plenty of gyrating and silhouettes, some of Madonna and some of male pecs. Plenty of cigarettes, chains, guns and apples and the Act of Contrition, in full, in case you thought Madonna would let any fetish go unfilmed. All men, except for Madonna. And it goes on more or less like this, throughout the entire Benny Benassi technodrome. There isn't much else to say, is there? Watch below.