Because Madonna's upcoming, still untitled, album boasts familiar producer William Orbit, countless references to Ray of Light and Music have already been made. Despite the hype, color us excited, even if the new disc is simply a regurgitated, slightly updated version of either two. At least it's music! According to Madonnarama, Madge is in between the fourth and fifth stage of her typical six-step album process, currently writing lyrics with Orbit before recording the instrumental versions of each song in advance of laying down her vocals. The target sound of the album is described as "electro-pop," drawing heavily from ethnic influences to create songs that are moving and memorable, with "a fantastic selection of trippy and hazy electronica tingles." Even with her busy schedule promoting the film W.E., and rejecting hydrangeas in the process, it's been noted Madonna has been working on her own music for some time. Fans should expect some "personal lyrical content" within the new tracks, along with lighter, party themes. Personal lyrics, eh? A lot has been going on in the world of Madge since her last full-length album Hard Candy was released in April 2008. With the divorce from Guy Ritchie later that year, a very public fling with Yankees third basemen Alex Rodriguez, and not one but two dalliances with much younger men, we think she's chalked up enough life experience to fill at least three albums, all of which can be loosely titled Cougar: Or How I Got My Sound Back, Parts 1, 2 and 3.