Man Dog

Man Accidentally Sends Girlfriend Video of Him Having Sex...

...with their dog!

David Buchanan accidentally sent his girlfriend a video of himself having sex…..with their Rhodesian Ridgeback dog!

The deranged Brit was watching porn, felt a bit horny, reached for the pooch, and then filmed the assault on a tablet computer.

What animal lover Dave neglected to realize is that his computer was automatically linked to his girlfriend's cell phone via iCloud. His blissfully ignorant gal pal was happily at work when suddenly a truly horrific image flashed across her screen.

She phoned the police and her now ex-boyfriend, admitted to the crime. He was arrested and charged with sexual assault on March 7.

Keith Ballinger, prosecuting, told the court in Wiltshire, England:

"This comes to light because it was reported by his then partner. She was at work on this day and received on her mobile phone a 29 second video clip from a tablet computer. That video showed him having sex with their 10-month-old Rhodesian Ridgeback. It appears her mobile phone and the tablet are linked by the Cloud, and it is that way the video was sent to her. When arrested he said he knew he had done wrong and it was stupid. He had been at home watching pornography and wondered what it would be like to have sex with the dog."

The 34 year-old perv received a 12-week sentence, and a two-year suspension. He will be a registered sex-offender for seven years and was given 50 days of rehabilitation. He was ordered to pay close to $100 in costs and $100 in victim surcharge.

This obviously begs the question, was this a good collar for the cops? Did they have any leads prior to the phone call? Was Dave really barking mad or did he mistakenly think this is the true meaning of dogging?

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