Man Dies After Donating To Sperm Bank Four Times In Ten Days

Giveth ‘til it hurts. That was Zheng Gang’s motto, and the 23-year-old Chinese man did just that—dropping dead after donating four times in ten days to the Wuhan University Sperm Bank .

Zheng didn’t come out of his private booth after “giving” for the fourth time. Medics broke down the door and discovered him lying on the floor and immediately tried to resuscitate him. Shortly thereafter, doctors pronounced him dead of a heart attack.

Gang’s family took the sperm bank to court because they felt the clinic had forced him to sign up and pressured the young man into making frequent donations. They also allege that the medical staff did not handle the situation properly once they found him unconscious. They demanded $648,545 in compensation.

The court has now ruled that his death was entirely his fault because he was capable of making his own decisions.

Gang was studying to become a doctor at Wuhan and was known to be a regular advocate for the sperm bank– sometimes even encouraging others to make their own donations.

R.I.P Zheng Gang

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