ManCrushMonday—The Very Best Adam Lambert Photos

Mean, moody, sexy, hot.

It's ManCrushMonday and we can't think of a better specimen of manhood to celebrate it with than the ever-absolutely fabulous Adam Lambert.

For someone so damn nice—and so far from mean, or moody—it's amazing how well the 34-year-old has managed to perfect the mean and moody look.

He positively owns it!

With his sparkling green eyes, thick lustrous hair, sexy stubble, and kissable pout—the wondrous Glambert is able to Blue Steel it better than anyone else out there.

Whether it's posing for a super sensuous and sexy black and white shoot—or a color-filled, fun and flirty magazine front cover, Lambert always manages to nail it.

From homo-erotic pin-up, to woman-appreciating gender-bender.

From made-up glam rocker, to stripped down and authentic heartthrob.

From male model perfect, to (super hot) boy next door.

From guy-liner fabulous, to stubble-chin stud.

Adam can do it.

No matter what the case, and whatever role he's required to play for the camera—Adam brings it…. and then some.

He's come a long, long way from those early American Idol days—and he shows no sign of slowing down or disappearing anytime soon.

All hail the mighty Glambert—our very favorite, mean and moody, sexy hot glam rock god!

Let's face it folks—it's Adam Lambert's world—we just live in it.

And, we don't know about you, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Check out our Adam Lambert mean moody sexy hot photo gallery, below:


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