ManCrushMonday—Idris Elba Hot Photos | Thirst Guarantee Included

Sexy is an understatement.

Idris Elba hot sexy photos thirst guaranteed—actually, extreme thirst guaranteed.

This ManCrushMonday we are celebrating the fineness that is Idrissa Akuna Elba.

And, you'll be happy to know Popdust readers, our gallery carries with it an Idris Elba hot sexy photos thirst guarantee.

Because, Idris Goddamn Elba, duh!

There's a reason there's Tumblr after Tumblr page, and countless Pinterest boards dedicated to the 43-year-old British-born actor.

Because, whether it's posing in a sharp suit for the pages of a fashion mag—or, getting semi-nekkid and sweaty down at the gym—Elba brings the sexy, and then some, each and every time.

Moody, brooding black and white photoshoot or video?

Check! Elba brings the sexy.

Color-filled, vibrant and action-packed style fashion photoshoot?

Check! Elba brings the sexy.

Relaxed, at-home style, personal and candid photoshoot?

Yep, you got it—Check! Elba brings the sexy.

Damn, Elba even managed to inject the sexy into an A-moral, money laundering, double dealing, murderous, woman-beating Baltimore low-life-turned-drug king pin.

And, the ever awesome The Wire was all the more amazing because of it.

Actor, model, DJ, musician, television presenter… is there no end to Idris Elba's talent?

Actually, you know what? Scrap that....because, who cares?

Let's just get straight to the sexual objectification.

The rock hard abs… the bulging biceps…. the bulging other bulging, they managed to fill the world's social media feeds even more than Elba's pants.

The sparkling white toothy grin…. the manly square jaw covered in rough, tough, stubble.

The lips… the eyes…. the tattoos…. the swagger…

Oh yeah, the swagger.


Praise the Lord for the fineness that is Idrissa Akuna Elba.

But first, check out Popdust's gallery of Idris Elba hot sexy photos thirst guaranteed—you can thank us later.

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Idris Elba hot sexy photos thirst guaranteed:

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