Mariah Carey And James Corden Car Karaoke Is Absolutely Fabulous (Duh!)

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Combine the adorableness of James Corden with the innate fabulousness of the divalicious Mariah Carey, and you’re going to get a pretty damn sublime result.

Being relatively new still to Hollywood, The Late Late Show host has been struggling with his daily commute to work in the Los Angeles traffic—as any British transplant can sympathize with only too well.

Luckily for Corden though, his newly earned late night golden boy status affords him the luxury of a decidedly A-list driving buddy—and, if you’re looking to while away the traffic tedium, what better way than with a good old fashioned rousing singalong?

And, if you’re looking for a partner to join you in a good old fashioned rousing singalong, who better to partner with than Ms Carey?

Mariah Carey car karaoke is every bit as wondrous as even the most die-hard lamb could possibly imagine—and then some.

But, don’t take our word it, check out the video below!

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