Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon finally satiated the world's need to see photos of their twins—or at least what the duo perceived as a need—during a special 20/20 interview with Barbara Walters on Friday night. During the segment, Walters took us through a refresher course on the life of the "megawatt diva," save for any mentions of her TRL ice cream delivery. She visited Carey and Cannon in their New York City penthouse—the same one we saw in the 2006 episode of MTV's Cribs—pointing out that "not a single picture from her first marriage" exists in the 12,000-square foot space, and turning the conversation over to Carey's publicized divorce from Tommy Mottola. While Cannon looked on uncomfortably, likely having had to sit through similar questioning throughout their three-year relationship, Walters managed to squeeze in questions for Carey about how marriage is different the second time around. "Nobody will ever be able to steal my spirit again, so I'm just happy to be in love and to be here," she explained. It helps that Cannon seems utterly infatuated with his wife, still, as he revealed the giant "Mariah" tattoo across his back, so big that grandmothers everywhere are still wiping away their tears. Recall that the actor, host and sometimes-musician "spoke their relationship into existence," telling numerous media outlets that Carey was his celebrity crush (not unlike Josh Duhamel and Fergie) back in the day. "I never believe that anyone actually likes me, I always think it's like a practical joke," Carey replied, providing a nice segue to two little ones who will grant her unconditional love—for now.

The big reveal of twins Monroe and Moroccan, named after late actress Marilyn Monroe and the room where Cannon proposed—what, you don't have a Moroccan room in your apartment?—showed two little six-month-old balls decked to the nines in a full suit and dress. As Walters oohed and aahed over "dem babies"—failing to get Babs to say that on camera feels like a real missed opportunity—Cannon spoke about his high hopes for their future, outside the entertainment world. "I think society puts too much on entertainment and entertainers, they praise them like they're royalty. I want [my children] to, like, go get a PhD., go get a Masters," he explained before Carey could interject, assuring us all that they "really respond to music." And no music is better than that of their creators, right? Carey used a live version of "Fantasy" in the delivery room "because [she] wanted them to hear the applause upon entering the WORLD," and serenaded "Roc" with an altered version of "We Belong Together." But when will they get to hear Dad's under-appreciated hit "Gigolo"?

Watch the full interview below.