Since the birth of their twins over the weekend, the entire nation has been waiting with baited breath to find out the names of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's new twin progeny. Mariah revealed yesterday that both names started with the letter "M," leading to much speculation (Matthew and Melissa? Mike and Molly? Mordecai and Mädchen?) from her fanbase. But now, the Lambily need guess no further—Mariah officially released the names of her two little blessings over Twitter today: Monroe (girl) and Moroccan (boy).

Monroe is probably the more conventional of the two, owed to Mariah's lifelong fandom of 50s film starlet Marilyn Monroe, whose childhood piano the diva once paid over $600,000 for at an auction. Moroccan is a little more left-of-center, though also explicable—the top tier of Mariah's New York City apartment is known as the Moroccan Room, and the area has special significance to the couple due to it being the location where Nick proposed. The Cannons are also really big fans of couscous, we're guessing.

Undoubtedly, Mariah and Nick have done their celeb-parent predecessors proud by giving their kids a couple weird-ass names that us normies could never possibly get away with. The twitter response (along the hashtag "#dembabies," because who else's babies could we possibly be taking about?) was predictably mixed between "awww, that's so cute!" and "awww, you've scarred these poor kids for life!"-type reactions.

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