If having a breakdown on TRL is the celebrity-scandal equivalent of calling Jim Lehrer a "smug son of a bitch" during the presidential debates, then freaking out on the Home Shopping Network is like using a mild ethnic slur for Norwegians at a county fair: embarrassing because of the venue more so than the act itself.  But that (the first thing, not the second thing) is exactly what Mariah Carey did yesterday, emitting the kind of high-pitched whine usually reserved for lost juice boxes when she caught HSN cameras filming her bad side.  (She is very concerned about camera angles.) 

In fairness, Mariah is pregnant with twins and was taking a moment to recline on her couch before dealing with being upright again, which I know it's such a hassle right??? Let's all look at the video and then we can talk about all the amazing things:

So yes:

  • She is wearing a shirt that says "babies" across her belly!
  • The monogrammed pool!
  • Dressing in black to minimize her form!
  • Not "baby," but "babies"!