Why does Mariah Carey's "Triumphant (Get 'Em)" contain less than 50% Mariah Carey by singing time? Why did a mix exist almost right away where it's all Mimi, and why was it official? Well, let's ask Randy Jackson--a man who knows all about questionable arrangements by now, whether from his musical or Idol tenure:

"Most people probably don't understand this, but you always play to what's best for the song. You don't go in and say, 'Wait a minute. I know they're rapping on these verses, but I need to be singing on these verses. Me, me, me.' It just turns out that way."

Got it: Mimi cannot go "me, me, me," regardless on whether the song is in fact hers, hers, hers. But it makes sense to do this, to release one posse cut, one '90s diva ballad and one version that's the equivalent of a club remix of said diva ballad. Think Nicki Minaj's Roman Reloaded, split into hip-hop, pop and R&B thirds, or Usher alternating between dance and urban singles pretty steadily. This is how you conquer everything, or at least every market. And if you're Mariah Carey, conquering everything is a pretty high priority, about as high as using really big words or coming up with family hashtags.

Speaking of family stuff, husband Nick Cannon (who inspired "Triumphant"'s lyrics) will shoot the video. There's also going to be what Jackson called a "big performance soon planned for television," which probably means The X Factor or something. Any guesses on which of the three mixes it's going to be?