In hopes of reestablishing her hold on the current season, Mariah Carey aims to cross off every ingredient needed on her Ideal Holiday Celebration checklist in the video for her latest Christmas tune "When Christmas Comes," with John Legend. Justin Bieber may have upped the any on her legendary "All I Want For Christmas Is You" catering to last-minute shoppers' desires with his access to Macy's inventory, but here Carey proves that the holidays are really about baking, showing your beautiful children off to anyone who will listen and managing to look hot after more than a few glasses of eggnog. Legend acts as the entertainment, staying put at the piano as a collection of family and friends gather together around the Carey abode, while Mimi and husband Nick Cannon teach their twins Roc and Roe that Santa will always be good to a someone wearing red, preferably if that red is skin tight and that person is seductively draped across a nearby couch. We didn't realize you wanted a Kindle Fire so badly, Mimi! Can't Nick afford one with one of his seventeen jobs? Home movies remind the guests of simpler times, when the holiday spirit rested on whether or not pecans would be properly crushed and white would be a required color scheme of the night. Don't forget your sunglasses—and later, Advil—for the faux snowball fight! Watch below.