Yesterday Mariah Carey reminded us that if even if she never produces another hit single or platinum album, she'll always be known for the most memorable of television interviews. The new mom continued her streak of instantly classic TV appearances by entering The Rosie Show set by way of a sparkling crescent moon on Tuesday—the description "lounging seductively" doesn't do it justice, does it?—as a sit-down with her fellow Long Island native Rosie O'Donnell was just the latest on the docket of her post-baby publicity rounds. She's already shown off twins Roc and Roe to the world, so now comes the candid discussion of how "fat" she got and how much of a "struggle" it was to get back into fighting shape. Luckily Carey can extended these promotional appearances by schilling memberships as a spokesperson for weight loss institution Jenny Craig, which, if Jennifer Hudson's own Weight Watchers campaign is any indication, will prove to make her even more ubiquitous. In a commercial seemingly inspired by Lady Gaga's incubation chamber and the low-lighting and sexy stares of various Carey videos, several flashing lights and strange, menacing sounds aim to scare the weigh out of you, or at least cause a seizure or two.

Much like her post-pregnancy HSN appearance, Carey's Jenny Craig ad proves that these moments of crazy are not the result of extra hormones pumping through her veins—the camera just loves bringing it all out of her! Check out her new commercial below, not intended for those who have a bad history with strobe lights.