Mariah Carey's Voice Goes Bye Bye As She Struggles Through Tokyo Concert

Mariah Carey's voice hasn't been in the best shape for a while now, but the diva delivered what might just be the worst concert of her entire career over the weekend.

Kicking off her Elusive Chanteuse tour in Tokyo, Mariah struggled through the setlist as her voice repeatedly cracked and broke. Poor Mimi had to continually make small talk with the audience or improvise on the spot whenever her famous pipes couldn't hit the right notes, although she did manage to have a handful of impressive moments during the show too.

'Fans' have been predictably merciless towards the songstress on social media, but they're being a bit too harsh. The woman is going through a divorce right now, and she's singing a 25-song concert completely live. As early as last year she was delivering some powerful vocal performances, so it's not like she's incapable of doing it (unless her voice literally died this year).

Don't count Mimi out for good just yet, but as for right now, the diva may need to postpone her tour until her voice is back in shape.

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