Premiere: MarieLine Hits The Streets In New "I Don't Have Time For This S#!T" Video

With the world moving faster by the minute, there are just some things we don't have time for.

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New Yorker MarieLine doesn't have time for a lot of things, including "10,000 commercial breaks [that] fuck with my brain," she declares on her gritty and provocative new single "I Don't Have Time for This S#!T." In the song, she reflects on countless other things that get under her skin, such as tourists, "a baby on her lap with a diaper full of crap" and pharmacy trips. For the street video--which premieres exclusively today--she turns to the streets to get the answers from very real people. Whining kids, traffic, drama and Donald Trump seem to be the general consensus; the clip scatters throughout the cityscape, flicking between photos and raw footage.

"As I progress in life, I realize that I really don't have time for the annoying everyday tasks that we all have to take care of... I wanted to see what everyone else thought of this so I took to the streets of NYC to find out what other people don't have TIME for," she shares with Popdust. "The response was great. I'm so glad to see that I share this truth with most people, that as we grow older (and wiser!?) we just don't have the time for frivolities. Watch the video we created for the hit track 'I Don't Have Time For This S#!t' and tell us what YOU don't have time shopping perhaps?"

Originally from France, MarieLine circled the world to Italy and the UK before making the bold move to the states. She's the daughter of a Swedish model and French tennis player (turned entrepreneur), but her creativity surged in her blood. She began writing down her emotions into lyrics and melodies as a teenager, before moving to London to initially pursue an acting career. As luck would have it, she stumbled onto a role supplying beat-driven vocals for a creator in Paris, but then she found her way to New York City (after a pitstop in LA).

The "I Don't Have Time for This S#!T" street video follows the official, colorful clip which dropped earlier this year.

Watch below:


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