Marina And The Diamonds' 'Froot' Album Leaks Online Almost Two Months Early

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It looks like Madonna isn't the only pop diva having her music leaked online early.

Marina and the Diamonds had her upcoming third studio album, Froot, leaked today, almost two months ahead of its scheduled release date of April 3rd.

Addressing the premature leakage on Twitter today, Marina wrote, "We’re on this Froot journey together, and regardless of today’s events, nothing’s going to stop it."

She continued, "One thing I'd like to ask you for: If you choose to listen and you really like it, please support me by pre-ordering the album. I’ve written the whole record myself. I’m incredibly proud of it. It's an important record for me."

Despite the setback, Marina's Froot era is looking pretty promising so far; all four of the promotional singles from the album have performed incredibly well on the U.S. iTunes chart despite the fact that Marina's never had a hit in the States before--the most recent, I'm a Ruin, peaked at No. 2.

If you want to do right by Marina and support Froot, you can pre-order the album by clicking here.