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Watch Mario Run and Nintendo Switch Debut on Fallon

Jimmy Fallon takes a crack at Nintendo's newest on The Tonight Show.

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Jimmy Fallon is a lucky dude. He gets millions to hit soft-ball segments to his mostly sleeping audience and other than his sweet track on the Hamilton Mixtape I don't think most people could name a single Fallon-centric piece of art that they have enjoyed. And yet, he gets first access to Nintendo's forthcoming ten-whopping-dollar Mario mobile game and their hail-mary console, the Switch. They even had Miyamoto-san in the audience! If it sounds like I'm bitterly jealous, it's because I am. Sorry, Jimmy.

Now the mobile game, Mario Run, was pretty much exactly what you would expect from a glossy, single-click iPhone Mario port, that is to say, it looks like a really good time. I've already discussed the absurd price point for the game, but other than that this looks like hours of subway, bus stop, or boss-isn't-looking fun. In the game, you navigate traditional Mario platforming scenarios during which Mario keeps running and you tap the screen to initiate jumps to kill enemies, collect coins, and activate wall jumps.

The much more exciting portion of the segment was the semi hands-on play with the Nintendo Switch. Playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo America Head Reggie Fils-Aime expounded on the high quality features like a Skyrim-esque ability to navigate anywhere you can observe and, of course, the ability to pull the whole game up out of its consolehood and turn it into a mobile device.

Fallon tried eagerly to get his hands on the device and was eventually allowed to kill a couple monsters. The whole thing was a little underwhelming and frankly I hope this is the VERY alpha stages of its productions because the graphics looked less than stellar. But to be fair it was a third-hand representation of the image because it was being rendered, then projected, then taped, then watched in a YouTube video by me and we've seen the console run hefty third-party hits like Skyrim and NBA 2K17.

But see for yourself, get a feel for it. How does this make you feel about the future of the Switch? Any hot takes on Mario Run? Let me know in the comments.

Check out the segment itself below:

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