Mark Wahlberg's Childhood Pal Murders Mom, Is Shot Dead By Cops

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Paul Campbell grew up with Mark Wahlberg. They would shoot hoops, study, and ride bikes together, around their Boston neighborhood.

Paul also fathered a child with the Lorrie Higgins, the long-time girlfriend of the mayor of Boston, way back when she was still a high school student. He appeared in several of Wahlberg’s movies, including The Fighter—in which he played the part of a toothless crack head.

On Monday morning Paul was shot and killed by Weymouth cops as he stood over his 72-year-old mother's dead body on the front steps of the home they shared.

According to reports, Campbell appeared to be “agitated” and was armed with a knife when police arrived to find Patricia Campbell dead from multiple stab wounds. The cops made the decision to shoot Campbell, as they feared he was a danger. He was subsequently taken to South Shore Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

According to The Boston Globe:

His name was Paul J. Campbell, then a friend of the not-yet-famous Mark Wahlberg, a dark-haired rowdy who gradually built up a rap sheet of low-level crimes. Years later, he would serve nine months behind bars. More recently, he had small roles in Wahlberg's film "The Fighter" in 2010 and in "American Hustle" in 2013.

Campbell, 49, who also appeared in the Wahlberg comedy, Ted—was something of a minor celeb in Boston.

Meanwhile, as Popdust previously reported, Wahlberg's past has been very present recently, as the actor awaits a decision on his request for a pardon for his 1988 assault conviction.

Kristyn Atwood, one of several fourth-grade black children Wahlberg harassed with racial slurs and physically threatened, back in 1986, has spoken out, saying he should not be pardoned for his crimes.

Atwood, now 38-years old, still has a scar from being hit by a rock that was thrown at her by Wahlberg and his band of cronies, says:

I don’t think he should get a pardon. I don’t really care who he is. It doesn’t make him any exception. If you’re a racist, you’re always going to be a racist. And for him to want to erase it I just think it’s wrong.

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