"How ironic that a song about something as old-fashioned as a payphone sets a digital download record," begins Billboard's Hot 100 chart recap this week. Yes, how. Maroon 5's "Payphone," based around a lyrical conceit that our editor here at Popdust aptly referred to as "practically steampunk," was the most downloaded song of last week, with 493,000 copies sold after the song's debut on Monday's episode of The Voice. The total is the largest amount ever sold by a group in one week, beating the 465k sold by the Black Eyed Peas of "Boom Boom Pow" in its debut week, and it's enough to get the reverse-anachronism of a song to #3 on the Hot 100 this week, an impressive fifth top five hit for the Adam Levine-fronted group.

Of course, #3 is still two spots shy of #1, whose rarefied air is still being breathed by the duo down under of Gotye and Kimbra, whose "Somebody That I Used to Know" spends its second week at pole position. Though it slipped a little in digital sales from its historic, Glee-boosted tally last week, that and future slippage will be at least partly offset by the resounding numbers being moved by the song's Tiesto-produced dance remix, currently #11 on the dance charts, while the song just continues to grow in radio airplay (up 8-6 this week) and online streams (still #1, up another 10%). The only non-Maroon 5 song to find a new peak in the top ten this week is our girl Carly Rae Jepsen (and we should really capitalize Our Girl, since that's basically part of her name now), whose "Call Me Maybe" climbs a spot to #7.

It wasn't that long ago that it seemed like "We Are Young" might have a chart reign that verged on the endless, but now we can't help wondering if Gotye and Kimbra might go for even longer. Much of it will likely depend on whether the further promotion and radio support of Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" (which climbs from 5-4 this week) can get it over the hump, and you never know when a Glee-related sales boost can help make any one of these songs into a contender ("Call Me Maybe" maybe?), but for now, especially with the Tiesto remix only now gaining traction, it seems like Gotye and Kimbra should have clear sailing for at least another couple weeks on top. We wish it all the best in its ubiquity—been over a half-year we been loving that song, and that doesn't look likely to abate anytime soon.