Guess as a country, we're not all that interested in changing things up these days. We re-elected the incumbent again this week, as Maroon 5 reigns for an eighth week over the Hot 100, making seven weeks for Psy's "Gangnam Style" in the runner-up spot. You know the drill—Maroon 5 keeps slipping in downloads but gaining in radio play (how many radio stations are there left that are only now getting convinced to play this damn song?), while Psy maintains its digital leads over Maroon 5 but trails badly in radio play.

How many more weeks can this go on? Are we gonna have to start some sort of "Rock the Download" or "Stream or Die" campaign to make sure that this Levine/Valentine administration doesn't just keep getting re-elected ad infinitum? Young people, you need to get out and make sure that your voice is heard in this matter. The fate of this country's Top 40 rests in your hands.