This Rock of Ages film is coming, whether you want it to or not. We've already experienced a boatload of promotion in anticipation for its June 15 release, which has most notably starred Tom Cruise as rock god Stacee Jaxx and the anti-Jack Donaghy whose scruffy beard gave us nightmares. Yet rather than hoping theatergoers will be intrigued by the many tattoos and stage presence of Suri's dad, the newest clip leaves the singing to the professionals. Mary J. Blige plays a big-haired madame who takes the lyrics of Journey very seriously, singing the band's "Any Way You Want It" while flashes of Hollywood's "elite" move across the screen. It's arguably less embarrassing than those Burger King commercials, yet equally offensive if you're a Journey purist.

There's no question that Blige brings the best vocal talent to the film, but her performance below is interrupted by clips from the movie musical—gotta get that promotion in while you can—which includes Julianne Hough's learned striptease moves and God given singing voice, Catherine Zeta-Jones doing her best to make pantsuits sexy while in church and yet another look at Cruise without his shirt on. Does this get a little more believable with every additional clip? At first we were terrified by this movie, but now it looks kinda fun. Watch below.