Mary Lambert Wins Over a "Super Cute" Barista in "She Keeps Me Warm" Video

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You won't be able to keep from smiling, even if you tried. Or wanted to. You know.

Mary Lambert, the 24-year-old singer-songwriter from Seattle who sings the hook to Mackelmore's award-winning "Same Love" is flying solo in the music video for "She Keeps Me Warm." The song, which is a sung-through expansion of the "Same Love" hook, is a celebration of the love she has found in her special lady. Lambert opened up about the song in a recent blog post "We Just Shot a Gay Video":

As a gay singer-songwriter, I have often struggled with pronouns in my writing. My thoughts were always, “I can’t say ‘She’s the bomb dot com,’ I have to say ‘You’re the bomb dot com.’” After singing ‘Same Love’ all over the country and hearing teenage girls not giving two shits about what the pronoun of the chorus was, it’s given me strength to believe that the world can handle ‘She Keeps Me Warm’.

In the video—which is the first major girl-girl music video—Lambert has her sights set on the local barista.


"She keeps my coffee warm, sure. But will she keep ME warm?"



"I grind her coffee, sure. But does she want to grind with ME?"



They adorably steal looks at each other, until one day, Lambert bravely decides to leave a note in Charles Dickens Great Expectations. We won't bother spoon-feeding you that metaphor.



Don't squint! It says "I think you're super cute." Are you smiling yet? Told you.

Now that Super Cute Barista's confidence is up, she's finally ready to almost hold hands with this Dickens-readin'-coffee-lovin' redhead.



There you go...




You got this...






So close!



And, yeah, they totally kiss. Easily making our list of the top two girl-girl kisses of August.


What can we say, Mary? Our great expectations were met.


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