Massage Client Denied Happy Ending Took Matter Into His Own Hands

Massage Client Denied Happy Ending Took Matter Into His Own Hands

massage client denied happy ending

A delightful sounding chap from South Carolina was so aggrieved at being denied his rightful happy ending after a massage that he indignantly took matters into his own hands in protest.

The horny client visited Tai Chi Massage in Myrtle Beach and paid $68 for a massage and $20 for a 'table shower' on Saturday evening.

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According to the police report on The Smoking Gun, he hadn't enjoyed the treatment quite enough, so asked the masseuse for a 'happy ending'.

Apparently the employee was unsure of what that meant (yeah right) so the suspect "made a stroking/masturbating motion with his hand near his genital area."

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The masseuse wasn't prepared to play ball though (pun intended) and the irate customer got dressed and marched into the lobby.

He then sat on a bench, staring at the masseuse, yanked his wiener out and started whacking away.

The wanker, aged 40-50 years old, demanded that the masseuse look at him while he pounded away, saying again that he wanted his 'happy ending'.

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The report doesn't disclose if the man got any sort of ending, before he departed the massage business in his red van, hell he didn't even pay for the massage and shower that he had.

Now, that's just plain rude.

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Police describe the masturbator as a white male with shoulder length hair weighing between 150-170 pounds.

They have released these images of the suspects so far.

massage client denied happy ending

Please turn over Sir

massage client denied happy ending

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