Grammy Winner St. Vincent Releases New "MASSEDUCTION" Music Video

Is this sexy to you?

Much like an atomic bomb, St. Vincent's "MASSEDUCTION" is inescapable.

After performing the song alongside Dua Lipa at the Grammys last night, St. Vincent took home two awards — Best Rock Song for "MASSEDUCTION" and Best Recording Package for the album of the same name.

Now, she's released a bizarre new music video for her hit song.


The video features four red-clad figures dancing eratically in front of atomic bomb imagery. Then St. Vincent appears as a purple-lit floating head wearing a disembodied hand-hat-thing, calmly singing as she emits telepathic waves that seem to be influencing the bombs.

It's a discomforting experience, but it's also kind of sexy. Guess you can't turn off what turns you on.

Dan Kahan is a writer & screenwriter from Brooklyn, usually rocking a man bun. Find more at

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