Back in 2009, it came out that Mathew Knowles --father and former manager of Beyonce-- had been stepping out on his 30-year marriage to wife Tina with actress Alexsandra Wright. While the affair had reportedly been going on for four years, it wasn't until Wright filed a paternity suit against the then 58-year-old Knowles --who at that point had left her high and dry and refused to acknowledge the existence of their love child together-- that the whole thing became public.

The affair led to Tina divorcing Mathew, while Beyonce sacked her father as her manager and distanced herself from him completely in a bid to keep her meticulously-crafted image squeaky clean.

Wright generally tries to stay out of the headlines, but the 43-year-old is now back in the spotlight claiming that Knowles owes her $32,000 in court-ordered child support.

"I tried everything to not have it public. But unfortunately, that's just not the way that Matthew chose to deal with this," she told Inside Edition in an exclusive interview this week.

On top of the child support that deadbeat daddy Knowles owes, Wright says that he's barely seen their son, telling an Inside Edition reporter, "You've seen him more today than he has."

However, that isn't the most shocking thing Wright said during the interview. She also claims that when Mathew first found out she was pregnant, he suggested giving the child to Beyonce and Jay-Z in secret so that the power couple could publicly raise it as their own. This isn't the first time Wright's said this, either -- she first spoke out about it back in 2011, right after Beyonce came under fire for possibly faking her pregnancy with Blue Ivy after her baby bump crumpled on TV, leading many to suspect that she was wearing some kind of prosthetic attachment.

I don't think we'll ever find out what really goes on with this shady family, but Knowles seriously needs to take care of his son and pay his child support, ASAP. There's no reason that this kid should suffer because of the mistakes his parents made.

[Via Inside Edition]