Here's some news to brighten any Wanted fan's day: Max George has broken off his engagement to Michelle Keegan. (Screams! Cheers! Obligatory pulse checks!) We also hear that Justin Timberlake is dropping a new album tomorrow and chocolate has been scientifically proven to have zero calories. While we actually have no proof on the last two, Max's change in relationship status comes from the mouth and Twitter handle of the man himself. After hanging on the American Idol stage, Max called to speak with Ryan Seacrest and co-host on Ellen K on KISS FM Monday afternoon. The conversation touched on a few subjects, including The Wanted's upcoming Punk'd appearance, where the guys were accused of kidnapping an 11-year-old girl—we told you: this is not your older sister's version of Punk'd, y'all—and the rumored rivalry with fellow Brits, One Direction. So is it for real? "I don't think there's any [rivalry] really, apart from the jealousy side," Max said. "I'm jealous of their youth." You and Seacrest both, Max. With all the energy Mr. Host of Everything has now, imagine what he could be doing at 18!

Along with a detailed description of what makes Max most resemble a male model ("piercing eyes and really nice jawbone"), co-host Ellen K attempted to show off even more of her deep Wanted knowledge by informing Seacrest that the 23-year-old is engaged to the British actress. Or he was. Wait, is he? Let's just go to the source: "No, no, no, not anymore," Max said, before a lengthy awkward silence pervaded the radio waves. This startling revelation led to false reports that Max and the Coronation Street star had completely called it quits, as well as opened the door for thousands of fans to plan their greatest, potentially life-changing conversation openers, should the boys happen to stop in to their local dive bar. Amid speculation and post-video shoot celebration, Max clarified a few things on Twitter moments ago:

We think that last tweet means he'd "love to" marry her at some point, in the not-so-specific future. They've got an album to promote! Along with finishing up a new video for "Chasing The Sun," the boys will celebrate the release of their American debut on April 24. So do what's right and take the money you would be spending on Michelle & Max's wedding registry and put it towards seeing TW live.