Max Martin Produced 'Most Of' Taylor Swift's New Album

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Taylor Swift always walked a thin line between country and pop music up until 2012's Red, which more or less marked the completion of her transformation from sweet country songstress to the biggest pop superstar on the planet. Fans who were hoping that the top-forty-friendly Red was just a phase for Tay Tay might be disappointed by her upcoming fifth studio album, with a recent article in Rolling Stone hinting that the record could be her poppiest work to date.

"I Knew You Were Trouble" and "22" hitmaker Max Martin has apparently worked "on most of" Tay Tay's new album, while Scott Borchetta --who discovered Taylor and heads her label, Big Machine Records-- said that he doesn't expect country radio to play her new pop songs.

"Taylor fans are going to love it," Borchetta said about the new album. "Will country stations play a complete pop song just because it's her? No. But when she comes to town, her friends at country radio will come and see her."

After climbing to the top of the musical food chain with the quadruple-platinum Speak Now and Red, you can't really blame Taylor for not wanting to return to being a crossover country artist like Carrie Underwood and Kacey Musgraves -- even if it does mean that her new tunes lack the charm of her earlier work.

You know what would be perfect? If Max Martin made a bunch of country-pop fusion songs for Taylor just like his underrated Carrie Underwood production, "Quitter." That'd be a win for everybody.