Meet Becky Gomez, The Rapper Kanye, Simon Cowell And Dr. Luke Have All Endorsed

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If Simon Cowell and Dr. Luke both praise somebody in the span of a couple of days, you know something's going on--particularly if it's the same girl Kanye West also talked up on Twitter a while ago.

Here's what we know about Becky Gomez:

- She's 15.

- She's from California.

- Luke signed her back to Kemosabe/RCA in March.

- She's got an original song, "Turn the Music Up," in which she raps over a Latin-pop sample, as well as the standard slate of covers/rewrites including "Novacane" and "Otis"--the one that got Kanye and Luke's attention and tweets, as seen above.

- She's done the standard child-actress/singer auditioner circuit, which got her some Disney and Nickelodeon commercials in the past. (Plus, arguably, this.)

- She guested on Cody Simpson's "Wish U Were Here."

- She will make you feel old by saying, on her site, that she had a midlife crisis at age 9.

- She's not bad! Given the right material, you might be hearing more about her.

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