Meet Clara Lee, K-pop's Hottest New "It Girl"

If you follow the Korean entertainment industry, then you've probably heard of Clara Lee. The 27-year-old has been a working actress since the mid-noughties, but her popularity didn't start rising until early last year after a bikini-clad appearance in the hit drama series, Take Care of Us Captain. However, it wasn't until the beginning of this year that Clara really hit the big time.

In February, she became a hot topic after doing yoga in a low-cut tank top during a variety show appearance. Screencaps of her cleavage circulated everywhere and became so controversial that one of the show's producers had to come forward and address it. In May, Clara was back in the headlines for virtually the same thing after showing off her huge cleavage while doing squats at the gym on another variety show. Around the same time, she also starred as the love interest in Jay Park's "JOAH" music video, and later threw a very sexy pitch at a baseball game -- which ended up going viral in Korea.

In the time since, Clara's become a fixed cast member on the Korean Saturday Night Live, starred as a pole dancing hottie in Park Myung Soo's "You're My Girl" music video, and scored major endorsement deals (complete with racy commercials) for the likes of American Apparel and Sprite. She's also a regular on the variety show circuit, and one of the most requested female stars for magazine pictorials, shooting everything from sexy spreads in Men's Health and Esquire to fashion photoshoots for 1st Look, InStyle, and L'Officiel Hommes.

Of course, when you're as big as Clara, you automatically become a tabloid target. In the past fortnight, Clara's had to issue public apologies for a couple of overblown scandals, including allegedly lying about whether she's been taught yoga or not, and for not giving proper credit to a popular online recipe she made during a variety show appearance. But that nonsense just comes with the territory, right?

Now that you've gotten to know the fabulous Clara Lee, check out some of her hottest photos and videos, below!


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