Cancel all those previously scheduled tear-stained sing-alongs; it looks like the white horse and golden chariot Taylor Swift has written so many hopeful songs about has finally arrived. The latest rumored object of Swift's affections is 18-year-old Conor Kennedy, the son of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and member of the storied political family. The New York Post has reported at least three public outings between the two in the month of July alone, along with descriptions of hand-holding, back-touching, and kissing—oh my! Photos of a recent beach weekend at the Kennedy compound in Hyannisport, Mass. surfaced on Tuesday, allowing fans and non-fans alike to begin to digest the possibility of a potential union.

We're still working on a cutesy portmanteau for the presumably happy couple—Tumblr seems to have jumped on "TaCo," which just leaves us hungry. While we brainstorm, get to know a little more about the American prince rumored to be privy to the country-pop queen's most private of thoughts, currently in the running to become the subject of her next Grammy-winning ballad.


Basically. The Kennedys are the closest thing Americans have had to an Elizabeth, Charles, Will, and Kate, throughout our 236-year history. Conor's grandfather was Robert F. Kennedy, a Senator from New York and Attorney General under his older brother John F. Kennedy, president from 1961-1963. Robert and John's brother Ted served as Senator of Massachusetts from 1962-2009, and his son Patrick was a Congressman from Rhode Island, and the last member of the family to serve as an elected official in Washington, D.C. During the family's 64-year run in public office, and beyond, members of the Kennedy clan have attended elite institutions of Harvard University—which boasts a John F. Kennedy School of Government—Brown University, and the University of Virginia, all while teaching us all how to live out our picturesque summer fantasies to the fullest.



While the classic Kennedy accent is unmistakably rooted in the missing "R" patois of Beantown, Conor was raised in the Westchester County, New York town of Bedford—home to the likes of Martha Stewart and most recently, Blake Lively—and attends Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts. But like any good Kennedy child, he spends his summers in Hyannisport, sailing and sunning himself at the family's longstanding beachfront compound.



Cousin to the Kennedy children is author and journalist Maria Shriver, which means Conor was at one point related (by marriage) to former Governor of California and action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger. Taylor first got the tongues of the gossip columns wagging by being photographed with Conor's cousin Patrick Schwarzenegger over the Fourth of July, but it turns out he may have just been keeping things warm for his cousin—that, or paparazzi don't know where to direct their lenses when so many photogenic youngsters congregate on one beach.



A fan of sailing for both pleasure and sport, Kennedy has been a member of the Odysessy Gulf crew this summer, serving on net/arrow recovery while traveling from Biloxi, Mississippi to Pensacola, Florida.



We always thought of Taylor as an old soul, so her fascination with a family so vastly intertwined with American history doesn't come as a surprise. According to ABC News, Taylor told Conor's aunt, Rory Kennedy, about her love for the family earlier this year, revealing that her interest inspired her to write a song about the clan. She later told Vogue that she was "star-struck" when meeting Ethel Kennedy, after becoming enraptured by old photos of her life with Bobby, their 11 children, and exotic family pets. She's hardly the only person curious enough to want to learn more about the famous family, but Taylor's desire to snuggle up to Ethel and throw herself into the Camelot fantasy completely makes even more sense now that reports of her parents' alleged split have surfaced.


Taylor's not the only one possibly dealing with family hardship. Conor's mother Mary Richardson Kennedy committed suicide on May 16, 2012, having hanged herself in the family's Bedford home. His parents originally separated in 2010, and her death led to a series of nasty arguments between the families that were splashed across the press in the months that followed. After her death, Conor became the administrator to Mary's estate, quickly having to adjust to attending meetings in formal attire and understanding legal jargon.


Like really, really loves it. Conor and Taylor were spotted leaving Marcella's Pizza in Mount Kisco, NY last week, before treating themselves to the finest pie and soda combination Hyannisport has to offer during their romantic weekend. Enjoy that fast metabolism while you can, you two.