Meet Fanfair, Quite Possibly the Best-Looking Girl Group Ever

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Yet another way in which the British are way ahead of us: Their pro sports teams apparently now get their own obscenely attractive house bands. Surrey Rugby club London Irish RFC have recruited Fanfair, an assemblage of four young singers, actresses and/or models, to play at the club's home matches. The group consists of Roberta, a one-time UK X-Factor finalist, Anara, a model who appeared in the movie Rock n Rolla, Jessica, an ex-model for Tammy clothing, and Aimee, who lost to Cheryl Tweedy/Cole for a slot in UK mega-girl group Girls Aloud on the show Popstars.





Today, crowds of drunk British rugby hooligans for the burgeoning pop group, tomorrow, crowds of drunk British soccer hooligans. (And perhaps some time after that, the world.) Check out a preview of their first live performance (featuring clips of the band's cover of legendary Irish rockers Thin Lizzy's "The Boys are Back in Town"), as well a clip of their their cheeky debut single "The Vaccine" (Sample lyric: "We're loving daily fixes of your intravenous kisses, boy"), and let the Which-One's-the-Hottest debates commence.

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