Meet K'Ronikka, The Onion's New Fake Pop Star

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The fake pop star has quite the pedigree in pop culture, from characters in about a fourth of YA books to comedy versions--the first one that popped into mind after coffee No. 1 was "aaaaaaaagggh, cringing, that is not how Buddhism works" snake-dancer Cora Corman from Music and Lyrics. The Onion, meanwhile, has quite the pedigree in satirical articles/videos, some of which are relevant to our interests; the depleting Miley Cyrus and lab-grown Disney star videos come to mind.

You can probably guess the angle to this K'Ronikka video--this music is rock bottom!--just from the headline, and the tone's a little uncomfortable throughout, as most "this is eroding intelligence/the English language/decorum" arguments get. And like a few Onion articles and videos, the headline alone would do the job just as well. But here's the rundown anyway: she's named like a Dungeons and Dragons character and an obvious satirical cross between Lady Gaga (the thunderbolt eye makeup), Katy Perry (the video could be something out of a Teenage Dreamscape), Ke$ha and Fergie. Her music's produced by someone trying really hard to be RedOne and has a Pitbull remix imminent. She already has a (fake) Rolling Stone cover. Watch below: