Peter Bailey of NBC Miami's Nightcap video blog put on his best Quiet Storm DJ voice to report on Rick Ross's 35th birthday celebration at the football-field-sized Miami strip club King of Diamonds:

Ross and entourage were in attendance, as were Diddy, Pharrell and other notables. And according to Bailey's puff-piece reporting, more than $1 million was spent! But the Maybach Music and Teflon Don banners papering the walls of the club suggest that Ross' helicopter-borne arrival and hefty tab were part of a larger promotional event, for which he could potentially have been well-compensated.

We sympathize with Bailey, whose other assignments include interviewing Brad Meltzer at the Fort Lauderdale Airport in the middle of the night (seemingly at the author's request):

But this new clip for NBC is a must-see. Bailey must be a Teflon Don super-fan, judging by his straight-faced proclamation that "Ross's meteoric rise to hip-hop royalty has been nothing short of epic." He even includes a cut-away shot to the Brinks armored vehicle as he notes, "That night after [Ross] and his cohorts spent in excess of $1 million, the money truck arrived early."

We hope the thousands of revelers who paid the door price got their money's worth. And to those on Twitter contrasting Ross's alleged excess with Kool Herc's medical needs, don't forget: the strippers probably don't have health insurance either.