Meet Renee Cole, Brooklyn's Lady Gaga Impersonator

This Brooklyn Based profile of Renee Cole, Lady Gaga impersonator to New York's bystanders, is one of the best things you'll read all day. (It's by Rae Votta, of Popdust Gleecap tenure.) Definitely go read it. The interview's also educational, should you secretly want to emulate Gaga in your free time!

How to Become a Lady Gaga Impersonator: Dress up as Lady Gaga in an attempt to win Lady Gaga tickets, and fool the paparazzi in the process. It worked for Cole, who used to sell lobster rolls in Brooklyn! Please note, though: This is probably not the best way to get your foot in the door right now, as the Lady Gaga costume market is going to be flooded at least until Nov. 2. Wait until December and be "Christmas Tree" Gaga, maybe.

What You'll Find Yourself Doing: Three formal appearances or so per week performing at bat mitvahs and sweet sixteens, charming the elderly, getting a lot of double-takes from New Yorkers but not as many OMGs as you'd think. Speaking of things being different than you'd think: Cole said she doesn't do all that many gay events.

What You'll Wear: Fewer specific outfits, more general aesthetics, as you can see from the photo above. No meat dresses, unless you're more of a trouper than Cole (she refuses.)

Lasting Career Prospects: Remember that Lady Gaga movie that Lifetime was casting? Cole, considering she's made her life's calling a Lady Gaga tryout, auditioned for it. No word on who'll get the part--there must be thousands of auditionees--but how else does one build qualifications for a role like that?

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